Bucan Art 1972 Folio Arm

Bucan Art 1972 Folio Arm


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Bućan Art 1972 is a series of fifty paintings featuring appropriated and modified corporate logos. The highly recognisable brand logos, such as Coca-Cola, IBM, Swissair, BMW and others, were modified to replace the company name with the word ‘art’. Created at the height of Yugoslavia’s economic boom and the invasion of consumerism in the country, the work responded to the omnipresence of global brands, media and advertising that suddenly flooded the Yugoslav public space. For Boris Bućan, inserting the word ‘art’ symbolically placed corporate culture at the service of art. The semantic play in the work comments on the commodification of art while proposing the possibility of art superseding global capitalism.


Boris Bucan




48×68 cm


Excellent Condition


Unlinen Backed (Heavy Paper)


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