Campari Spiritello 1921 Small

Campari Spiritello 1921 Small


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“Cappiello, steeped in theatrical tradition from his years as a stage caricaturist, often chose pierrots, harlequins, or clowns to represent various products. Here, in one of his most inspired designs, the clown embodies the spirit of the orange peel, a zesty ingredient in [Bitter Campari]. This image has become one of the classics of poster design, effortlessly combining the element of surprise with the essence of the product” (Cappiello/Rennert, p. 214)



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Campari Spiritello 1921 Small size Original Vintage Poster

Unique and rare 1921 Campari Spiritello by Leonetto Cappiello.




50 x 68cm




Leonetto Cappiello


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