About Letitia Morris

“… our stock of over a thousand posters is amongst the ten best held by commercial galleries worldwide.”  – Gallery owner, Brett Ross.


Letitia Morris Gallery, owned by art dealer Brett Ross, has been specialising in Original Vintage Posters since 1993.

As the first to bring original Bally posters by Villemot to Melbourne, Brett has continued to source original vintage posters for over 23 years, predominantly from Paris and outlying French regions.

Today, the Gallery holds an extensive range of vintage posters that reflect the graphic diversity and ingenuity of 20th Century graphic designs, such as those by Bonnard, Cassandre, Gruau and Savignac.

The majority of the Gallery’s posters have been laid down on linen and “canson” paper backing for conservation purposes, ensuring stability and an enhanced presentation. Our linen backer is the only qualified restorer and backer of vintage posters in Australia. We also offer framing advice and services.

We invite you to visit our Gallery on High Street, Armadale, to see and experience our collection. Let us show you through our posters and share with you our knowledge and passion for these graphic creations.

We love to see original vintage posters in beautiful homes

original vintage poster in home letitia morris gallery
favor lipstick scooter original vintage poster letitia morris gallery
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