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The Campari story

The history of Campari dates back to 1860 in the small Italian town of Novara, where Gaspar Campari invented the recipe for what is now called the Iconic Red Italian Bitter. An infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruits in alcohol, which he named after himself. After much success, his son David wanted to advertise the brand across Europe, which marked the beginning of the iconic Campari Posters


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With a modern approach to marketing, David worked with some of the most sought-after artists of his time to create graphic posters for the brand. Graphic art was characterised by typography, photography, and illustrations and became prominent in the second half of the 19th century within the Art and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau realm. Since then, the brand has had a long history of collaborating with artists whose contributions to the Campari branding have become iconic. 


One of the most prominent and celebrated pieces is the Bitter Campari Poster, also known as the Campari Spiritello. The renowned artist and stage caricaturist Leonetto Cappiello was called on to commission it. This rare poster features Cappiello’s signature styling of harlequins or clowns with black as the dominant background colour to emphasise the figure while drawing on elements from the Campari brand: the orange peel and the Campari Bitter bottle. 


Over the years, Campari has been behind some of Italy’s most distinctive and innovative imagery due to their work with other leading artists, including Marcello Nizzoli, Adolf Hohenstein, Fortunato Depero and Franz Marangolo. 

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At Letitia Morris, we pride ourselves in our collection of vintage posters in Australia. Whether you are looking for the Bitter Campari Poster or the Campari Soda Vintage Poster, we have a wide range for you to explore. Our collection is not limited to Retro Campari Posters. We also stock Vintage Art Posters, Bally Prints, Cinema Posters, French Posters, and Vintage Travel Posters from artists Bernard Villemot, David Hockney and Boris Bucan. Shop our range online today, or if you’re in Melbourne, definitely pay a visit to our gallery in Armadale.


We are a family-run business and take great pride in our quality and customer service. Sourced globally, all our posters are carefully lined-backed onto high-quality canvas once they reach Australia to add to their preservation. We work with Fini Frames, the official framers for the National Gallery of Victoria, to achieve high-quality hand-crafted archival-style framing. 


Enjoy complimentary delivery within the Melbourne metro area with every large framed poster purchased. We ship globally as well, so you can add a Vintage Campari Poster to your collection wherever you are in the world. We also organise private viewings after hours, so if you’re an art enthusiast based in Melbourne or want to examine our pieces in an intimate and focused setting, get in touch with us.

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