Bernard Villemot

VILLEMOT Original Vintage Posters

Villemot: A painterly elegance, where artwork trumps commercial primitivism. Bernard Villemot, is described by Thierry Devynck as the ‘le plus peintre’, the most painterly poster designer of the post WW2 period. Driven by his own personal style, he fought to overcome the commercial necessities that tend to give aesthetic expression a secondary role in advertising. Coming from a well-heeled upper class background Villemot saw himself foremost as a painter, inspired by the work of Henri Matisse and on a different level Georges Mathieu.

His original work is built around the simple zest of an orange peel. His Perrier beach scene of an embracing couple is a far cry from bottles filled with water. The Bally Abstract poster, with 2 shoes male / female “sole to soul” is so abstract the shoes are hardly recognizable. The industrial leaders of the Orangina, Perrier and Bally were gentleman of good taste rather than technocrats, they met Villemot socially on an equal footing and gave him this license to produce ”painterly works of art” where beauty and elegance overrode purely commercial criteria

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