Art Gallery Posters

Letitia Morris Gallery stocks a wide range of rare and unique Art & Exhibition posters. An Art Poster is a great way to bring the work of a well-known artist into your home or office. Some exhibition posters have become collectables, often printed onto high quality paper and printed in limited editions, sometimes fewer than 500. Letitia Morris Gallery stocks Vintage Art & Exhibition posters from the 1930s onwards. These include classic artists such as Matisse, Renoir and Chagall, to 1960’s Pop Art artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, to contemporary artists, Boris Bucan and more recently, Michel Quarez.

A Fine Art Vintage Poster can incorporate an artists’ image, painting, or design with exhibition dates, text or gallery information. Some exhibition posters feature a unique artwork, which was exclusively produced for a particular exhibition held at the most well established galleries in the world, and therefore is not available in any other format. Some Vintage Fine Art Posters do not contain any text at all, but instead incorporate purely the artists’ image with a simple signature. Letitia Morris Gallery has a range of sizes including small, medium and large, linen-backed both unframed and framed.

A Fine Art Vintage Poster is a unique way to incorporate both art history and imagery into a space. All of our Art Posters are for sale and available online.

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