Ski & Mountain

Original vintage ski posters, with their vibrant hues and compelling artistry, transport viewers to the idyllic winter landscapes of yesteryear.

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These posters, often created from the 1920s to the 1960s, capture the allure of snow-covered mountains and the exhilarating promise of alpine adventures. The artwork depicted in original vintage ski posters is characterised by bold colours, dynamic compositions, and a sense of movement. They often feature skiers in mid-action, gracefully carving their way down pristine mountain slopes, as seen in the 1959 French ski poster by Bernard Villemot, ‘SPORT D’HIVER’. Original vintage ski posters generally feature figures that are usually stylised, with sleek silhouettes and exaggerated postures that convey speed and agility. This kind of stylised skier can also be seen in the Art Deco Australian ski poster, ‘MT BUFFALO’ by James Northfield which is also part of our Australian poster collection. Ski and mountain posters are a perfect addition to the home of any ski enthusiast!

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