Bally Prints

Bally was founded in Switzerland in 1851 by Carl Franz, and it was his vision to create footwear using the finest leather with innovative craftsmanship, to create a style of shoe with strong elements of functionality and contemporariness. Bally shoes epitomised elegance, using signature high-quality leather for comfort and design, along with minutely detailed construction.

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The Bally shoe vintage posters which are part of the Letitia Morris collection date from the late 1960’s up until the mid 1980’s. Some of these designs are unmistakably recognisable; in 1969, the renowned graphic artist, Bernard Vilemot, designed exclusive campaigns for Bally, including Baly Tango, Bally Lotus, Bally Kick, Bally Blonde and Bally Orange to list a few. Gid Raymond who created ‘Bally Gid’ and ‘Bally Gid Femme’, Alain Gauthier, Fix- Masseau and Roger Bezombes also created stricking designs for the show company, each artist bringing with them their own unique vision and style to represent the company.

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