Cappiello Posters

Once hailed as, ‘the father of modern Advertising’ Leonetto Cappiello was an Italian painter and poster designer who lived and worked predominantly in Paris. Cappiello’s career as a professional poster artist began in the 1900’s, despite having no formal training as an artist, he was commissioned to produce artworks for Pirelli, Kub, Parapluie Revel and most significantly, Campari.

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Cappiello began a contract with Pierre Vercasson, it was common for printers to act as an agent and commission work for them. Vercasson was the owner of a print house, and it was his vision to add colour and vibrancy to the advertising posters on the streets of Paris; he wanted the poster to stand out from the others and attract people to his agency.


Living in Paris, Vercasson was aware of Cappiello’s work and knew Cappiello had the potential to achieve his vision. As the working relationship between Vercasson and Cappiello developed, Cappiello created many designs which were then made into lithographic stone, ready for printing on a mass scale to the public.


His style was unique and his use of colour made his designs stand out from the rest. His successful designs brought him worldwide recognition, and to this day, Cappiello’s posters have increased in value. His unique designs are as popular today as they were popular in the early part of the 19th century.

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