• Joan Miró Exhibition

    Joan Miró Joan Miró was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona. The museum, Fundació Joan Miró, is dedicated to his work, founded in 1975, and his works are part of collections at major galleries all around the world. Currently, the exhibition “Joan Miró. Beyond painting.” is showing at the Fondaion Maeght, curated by Rosa …

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  • FAVOR by Bellenger 1952 Original Vintage Poster

    FAVOR by Bellenger

    FAVOR by Bellenger 1952   ‘Favor’ was established in 1898 as a manufacturer of bicycles by founder Guillaume Etienne, in central France. Favor manufactured their first motorcycle, which was a 125cc two-stroke, in 1921. The company, which began to grow in popularity with both men and women, built midrange two-stroke and single cylinder four-stroke engines. …

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  • savignac letitia morris gallery

    Framing the Aspro Savignac

    Framing the Aspro Savignac ! It took us a while to frame this huge Aspro, one of Savignac’s most iconic poster. The size of the poster is 4.2×1.6 metres. Thank you to Fini, the best framers in Australia, they were the only ones that could have framed it so beautifully. Framed in sustainable Tasmanian Oak …

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  • Original Vintage Poster for Moonraker James Bond Film with Roger Moore

    RARE James Bond, ‘Moonraker’ Film Poster 1979

    New Arrival! James Bond ‘Moonraker’ 1979 Released in 1979, Moonraker was the eleventh James Bond film which stared Roger Moore and was directed by Lewis Gilbert, who previously directed two other James Bond films including; You Only Live Twice (1967), and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The plot of Moonraker sees British Secret Service agent Bond 007, travel to Venice, …

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  • Andy Warhol Perrier Original Vintage Poster

    Andy Warhol’s Perrier !

    Andy Warhol’s Perrier During the beginning of the 1980’s, Warhol began accepting commissions from a range of manufacturers and businesses; this screen print was an experimental design for French mineral water, Perrier, from 1983. In the same year, it was awarded the Grand Prize of the French Poster. This Perrier poster is held at the Scottish …

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  • Australia Open 2019 – Poster of the week !

    Australian Open – Tennis Poster of the week Yes today is the first day of the Australian Open 2019 and this classy tennis poster has just arrived in time !! A must have for a tennis fan ! View and purchase HERE        

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  • Fête de Mères Pink Girl Original Vintage Poster Melbourne

    New year New posters!

    2019 has started with plenty of beautiful new posters landing in the gallery! A little snippet of the new posters below… Click to browse all new arrivals    

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  • James Bond - Sean Connery 1967 Original Vintage Cinema Poster

    Poster of the week : James Bond ‘Sean Connery’ 1967

    James Bond ‘Sean Connery’ 1967 Recently sourced James Bond poster featuring Sean Connery advertising the ‘You Only Live Twice’ film directed by Lewis Gilbert . This poster is very very rare! We believe it is the only one in the world and we are very excited to hold it for now ! James Bond ‘Sean …

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  • This week’s window posters !

    Window Posters ! At Letitia Morris Gallery we love to change the window posters every couple of days, this weeks window poster features the Blizzand Eyes, an incredible poster by Rene Gruau, a french artist that did extensive work for Vogue magazine throughout the 1950s to the 70s. The Blizzand Eyes was designed for ‘Blizzand’ …

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  • Gift ideas under $500

    Christmas Gift Ideas! We have a range of beautiful vintage posters which make the perfect gift idea this Christmas for every member of the family! Our vintage posters are sourced from France, and every poster is unique in its design. Our collection comprises of some of the most well-known poster artists in the world! Our …

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