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Vintage Cinema Posters - A journey through time and a glimpse into the past 

A great conversation starter, Vintage Cinema Posters offer a captivating glimpse into the bygone era of Hollywood glamour and cinematic splendour. From James Bond's Casino Royale to Woodstock, Steve McQueen & Moonraker, you'll find a vast collection of first-edition Cinema Movie Posters at Letitia Morris. Each poster in our collection is a testament to the enduring popularity of these masterpieces and their cultural impact.

Old Cinema Posters were a primary means of film advertising, enticing audiences with captivating imagery and tantalising glimpses of the silver screen. From the iconic Film Noir of the 1940s to the Technicolour Epics of the 1950s, Vintage Cinema Prints reflect the evolving trends and filmmaking styles throughout the 20th century. Artists employed various techniques, from hand-drawn illustrations to striking photography, to create posters that captured the essence of each film and left a lasting impression on audiences.

With their historical significance and artistic merit, these Old Cinema Posters hold a special place in the hearts of movie buffs and collectors, reflecting their time's societal values, attitudes and aspirations. Through the years, Vintage Cinema Posters have played a crucial role in shaping the visual language of film advertising and have influenced generations of designers and artists, adding to their artistic significance. 

Letitia Morris offers a diverse selection of authentic Vintage Cinema Prints, from rare collector items to iconic classics. Sourced globally, all our posters are carefully authenticated and preserved once they reach us, ensuring you receive a piece to cherish forever. Whether based in Australia or across the other side of the globe, you can easily add a piece from Letitia Morris to your collection. We also offer a wide collection of vintage prints for sale, from Bally Prints to Art Deco Posters, Cabaret & Theatre Posters, French Posters & more, from artists Bernard Villemot, Boris Bucan and David Hockney, in a range of sizes. 

If you're in Melbourne, visiting our Armadale gallery is a must. We even offer private in-person appointments after hours if you want to examine our pieces in a private and intimate setting. Contact us today to learn more.

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