Signed Lithographs

Letitia Morris Gallery's collection of signed lithographs from artists amongst Matisse, Villemot and etc... Often these signed lithographs have been originally printed on thick paper and do not require linen backing.

In this category we include;

1. Original posters printed on quality papers , made in small edition runs. These were originally made for select clients and in some cases commercial sales.

  For example: The Mourlot Chagall exhibition posters often had a run of posters, without the text,  printed on 'arche' paper and limited to 1 or 200 copies

2. Hand made artist work, whether lithographs, etching, engravings etc. Prints made in small editions (1 to 200), in many cases signed , dated and printed on fine quality paper.

What is an original vintage poster?

Vintage posters were the original form of advertising. These colourful images were pasted in public places to advertise a product or event and were never intended to last hundreds of years. Posters that are available today are those that were not displayed, either because the printer made a few extras for a small number of collectors, or they were packed away in storage and only recently discovered.

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    About Us

    Letitia Morris Gallery holds the most diverse collection of Vintage Posters in Australia, as well as being the first French Vintage Poster gallery in Melbourne, established in 1993, the collection includes some of the rarest posters in the world today.

    The extensive collection at Letitia Morris Gallery comprises of some of the biggest names in graphic design of the 20th Century, including Villemot, Savignac, Gruau, Morvan. Each artist possess their own unique and distinguishable style. Our extensive collection also includes art posters featuring David Hockney, Australian Vintage Posters, Pop Art and Art Deco Posters, as well as Vintage Travel Posters and more.

    We source our original vintage posters from Paris and the extending regions of France. After the poster has been sourced and shipped to Australia, the poster is linen-backed onto high quality canvas linen, this adds to the preservation and conservation of the piece.

    We work with Fini Frames, official framers for the National Gallery of Victoria, to ensure our clients are guaranteed the highest quality hand crafted, archival-style framing available. Letitia Morris Gallery offers a free delivery service on all our framed, large-format posters to inner Melbourne locations.

    All our vintage posters are original lithographs a lithograph is produced and pressed by hand, using stone or metal plates to paper to produce commercially reproduced images. If a lithograph is in excellent condition and production numbers are low, this can add to the exclusivity and value of a poster. Once circulation of a poster decreases, its value increases.

    Our entire range can be viewed and purchased online, alternatively Letitia Morris Gallery is located at 1158 High Street, Armadale.

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