Villemot Vichy Saint Yorre 1978

Villemot Vichy Saint Yorre 1978


Villemot was destined, in many ways, to become a poster artist. Born into a bourgeoisie family in Trouville-sur-Mer, France in 1911, Bernard was encouraged to pursue his passions by his father Jean, who was a famous cartoonist. Despite coming of age during the midst of the Great Depression, Villemot’s upper-class lifestyle allowed him many opportunities to foster his love of art and explore creating posters as a career.

Here an oversize poster for French sparkling water. A bottle of St Yorre splits the table in two symmetrical images of matching waiters and glasses. The famous 1978 St Yorre poster was made to run along a bus.


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Villemot Vichy Saint Yorre 1978 Original Vintage Poster

Extra long Villemot poster for french water brand ‘Vichy Saint Yorre’. This is a bus format poster, and is very rare.


B Villemot




275 x 68cm




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