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Savignac Maggi Pot-au-feu


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Raymond Savignac




160×233 cm




Linen Backed

Savignac Maggi Pot-au-feu 1959 Original Vintage Poster

In 1882, the Swiss Public Welfare Society commissioned Maggi to create a vegetable food product that would be quick to prepare and easy to digest to help with the problem of women having less time to prepare meals as more women worked outside the home.

The results — two instant pea soups and an instant bean soup – were a huge success. By the turn of the century, Maggi & Company was producing not only powdered soups, but also bouillon cubes, sauces and flavorings. Maggi merged with Nestlé in 1947. This poster appears on page 119 in “Savignac Posters” Book published by Forney.



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