• Hanns Lohrer and Porsche

    “The Perfect Sporting Partner” series was created by the oft-forgotten Stuttgart graphic designer, Hans Lohrer. Literature on Lohrer is quite thin, yet he played a pivotal role in the visual appearance of the Porsche brand during the 1950s and 1960s. As Porsche’s first “advertising designer”, Lohrer carefully guided the company’s message through visual marketing, and firmly established what the Porsche brand identity would become.

    In Loher’s compositions for Porsche, status symbols often take center stage–a riding saddle, a set of golf clubs, hunting rifles, a shapely leather glove, a couture bag, a well groomed dog–these are all things that seem to indicate a certain luxury, exclusivity, and elegance–all attributes that Porsche’s are known for today.

    Instead of a product-focused approach highlighting the vehicles’ specific performance and engineering attributes, he showed Porsches in the context of recreation, leisure, fashion, fun and luxury, in doing so elevating the sense of the owner’s status, as well as that of the vehicle itself.

    Lohrer’s 1961 poster depicting a Porsche 356B alongside a pair of skis and a fur hat achieves that brand message. The image makes one think of Sean Connery in the James Bond era. It’s refined, exclusive, self-confident, slightly cheeky and, most of all, highly desirable. 

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