• New September Arrivals

    Experience Australia

    We are fortunate to have recently acquired several Australian travel posters from the 1930s that demonstrated the growing awareness of Australia through icons such as fishing, beach culture, the great barrier reef, and aboriginal artistry.

    New Posters

    After months of European travels that involved countless hours working with private collectors, vintage poster dealers and enthusiasts, we are excited to share a catalogue of newly sourced vintage posters.

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  • New Australian Posters

    The Gallery is thrilled to receive four very sought after Australian posters, including three from Gert Sellheim.

    Gert Sellheim is considered one of the most significant graphic artists working during the ‘golden era’ of Australian poster design in the 1930s.
    Artists commissioned by the Australian National Travel Association (ANTA) such as Sellheim, James Northfield, Percy Trompf and Douglas Annand created distinctly modern images of the Australian landscape and city life to promote to the world. Sellheim’s most famous poster, Australia surf club, is one of the works commissioned by ANTA.

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    Australia Great Barrier Reef Queensland Original Vintage Poster

    Selling ‘Australia’ to the world, this poster designed by Gert Sellheim depicts the natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland. This is a rare poster from 1937, and a contemporary design for that period. Gert Sellheim moved to Melbourne in 1930 where he set up his own architectural practice. He soon began to design and exhibition his posters, eventually moving on to design the logo for Qantas airways.

    Corroboree Australia Original Vintage Poster

    In this poster, ‘Corroboree Australia’, Sellheim incorporates and references the art and culture of the Aboriginal people of Australia. The design depicts the Arrente people of Central Australia, wearing painted ceremonial body decorations and headdress. This is a striking and modern design from 1934.

    Australia Surf Club Original Vintage Poster

    Here Gert Sellheim uses an 'Art Deco' typographie and demonstrates a classic life saving rescue exercise. One of his most famous poster design.

    Victoria Australia Original Vintage Poster

    For the victorian fishermen, this is a vintage poster that is rare to find. VICTORIA "The place to start a fish story!", this is an original poster from the 1950's advertising Victoria as a destination and fishing spot. This poster has been mounted on linen, the condition is excellent.

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