Bel Paese

Bel Paese

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The style of a Savignac poster has nothing in common with his mentor Cassandre’s purist compositions. But they share the humorous single figure, as it had appeared in Cassandre’s famous “Dubo, Du bon, Dubonnet” designs. The public could identify with these recurring, isolated comic characters. With the air of put-upon, but smiling, consumers, they often have the look of Savignac self-portraits.

He makes their outlines with neckties and electric cables, constructs them out of cigarettes, fills their shapes with wool, or covers them with a map of France. They stand frozen next to fridges, paint each other with Astral enamel, put their wedge-shaped noses into a Bel Paese cheese, and hang from cranes by the tails of their Résistex working shirt.



Raymond Savignac




106X146 cm




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