Vintage Prints

A poster was, and still is, a way of advertising a product or event in public places, for example a billboard or bus stop, using the process of lithography. These posters were produced in limited numbers, some of them by famous artists of the time such as Capallio, Toulouse-Lautrec, Cassandre and so on. Some Vintage Posters which are sold today were not used for public display at all. Either the manufacturer produced extra or in some cases, they are packed away into storage and not discovered until many years later.


The value of an Original Vintage Poster is determined by multiple factors, including how rare the poster is, the artist who produced it, the subject matter, condition, and the global market.


Two posters of exactly the same design may sell for two completely different prices depending on the condition and the provenance of each individual poster.


A Vintage Poster is essentially, a very delicate form of newsprint, therefor, most vintage posters are linen-backed. This is done by a professional conservationist in order to protect and preserve the poster.


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