Art and Exhibition

  • Joan Miró Exhibition

    Joan Miró was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona. The museum, Fundació Joan Miró, is dedicated to his work, founded in 1975, and his works are part of collections at major galleries all around the world. Currently, the exhibition “Joan Miró. Beyond painting.” is showing at the Fondaion Maeght, curated by Rosa Maria Malet, former director of the Fundació Joan Miró. The exhibition is based upon the creative process of Miró’s work; consisting of artist’s proofs, posters, prints, original lithographs, printing plates, final proofs and rare books.

    We have a selection of RARE original Miró lithographs from the Galerie Maeght, and the Festival of Miro, click here to view

      “The more I work, the more I want to work. I want to try my hand at sculpture, pottery, printing, have a press,” – Miró

  • Galerie Maeght

    Many of our favourite posters come from the modern art gallery, Galerie Maeght (pronounced “mahg” with the “a” like make). Galerie Maeght is a well-known art gallery that was founded by Aime and Marguerite Maeght in 1936 in Cannes. At that time, La Riviera was a refuge for many artists and writers escaping occupied areas,
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