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Warhol - Marylin Sunday B Morning

Warhol - Marylin Sunday B Morning

The B was for Bloody , but don’t get Bloodied yourself… This is an Unlimited contemporary edition so make sure your pay  a fai…

How to identify an original work

How to identify an original work

We live in a world saturated by copies masquerading as originals, but luckily, there’s always a way to tell the difference. Take the …

Letitia Morris

Letitia Morris Gallery specialises in Original Vintage Posters. The Gallery has been situated in High Street Armadale Melbourne for the past 20 years.

I personally was the first to bring original Bally posters by Villemot to Melbourne in 1993.  We traditionally source our posters from Paris and outlying French regions. Nearly all of our posters are laid down on linen and “canson” paper backing for conservation and are in good condition.

We recommend visiting the Gallery to experience the posters in the flesh, we also have a selection of books on key poster artists and art periods to look through. We invite you to come and talk to us, let us show you through our posters and share with you our knowledge and passion for vintage posters. We offer framing advice and service.


1158 High Street, Armadale
(613) 9509 1274 

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